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Dance Dreams Begin with Small Steps

Piccoli Dance Theatre (PDT) is proud to have joined up with the Twinkle Star curriculum and classes for our youngest dancers.  This programming is incredibly fun for the kids and builds a great foundation for students wishing to enter our Graded Level Curriculum classes.  We Offer

  • Twinkle Babies:  Ages 2-3 will have a wonderful time in this 30 minute intro class.  If your child will be between the ages of 2-3 in September, 2023, this is the class for them.
  • Twinkle Stars:  Ages 4-5 will join a 45 minute ballet-tap classes that’s packed with both learning and fun. If your child will be 4 in September, 2023, or if they are 5 and this is their first dance class, this is the class for them.
  • Twinkle Gems:  Ages 5-6 will continue their dance journey in this 45 minute ballet-tap class while preparing for their transition into our Graded Level classes.  Students should be ages 5-6 in September of 2023.

Dance Matters

Dance as an art, science, and sport requires expert instruction, incredible work ethic, and of course a love of dance.  We believe Twinkle star is a great program offering a number of advantages for our youngest dancers:

  1.  The kids love it.  When learning is fun, the students work ethic and attention engage and improve.
  2. Great Foundation:  Twinkle Star offers a great foundation in technique and terminology taught in a way that engages and builds a passion for dance!

The Bear Necessities

Each twinkle star student can purchase their very own Twinkle Bear.  This dance buddy attends class with the kids and is a great friend and learning resource for them!