Our Mission

Piccoli Dance Theatre takes the education of Lincoln’s youth very seriously. Our hard work is centered around a value system that seeks to enrich the lives of all those we work with. We at PDT work tirelessly to ensure that all who walk through our doors have a safe, positive environment which fosters personal growth and artistic excellence.

Where you dance matters.  Here’s just some of the reasons to dance with us.

  • Technical Excellence: Our instructors work collaboratively with core curriculum to ensure proper technique and leveling.  This includes Lincoln’s only vetted ballet program, teaching Imperial Classical Ballet.  We pride ourselves in core jazz, tap, and modern technique, while rounding out with an Acrobatic Arts certified program.
  • Beautiful New Studio: Beautiful, brand new studio conveniently located at 13th and Arapahoe! 4 spacious studios each with stage-step sprung flooring and raised ceilings in studio rooms.
  • Large variety of classes for students ages 3-adult.
  • Goal-Oriented Programs of Study: Our programs of study offer unique, individualized instruction to help the serious student reach their fullest potential.
  • Musical Theater: A real musical theater program including classes with skills you can take to the Broadway stage.
  • Competitive Company: For those looking for more, click here to learn about our Competitive Company.
  • Operational Transparency: PDT seeks to eliminate confusion and uncertainty through honest and open communication with clear student, parent, and staff expectations.

About Us

The Evolution of PDT

Our daughter was in dance as soon as she could walk. She was raised in a nationally competitive environment while Courtney taught at various studios meaning that we know the good, the bad, the stress, and the joys of the dance world. We knew we could do it better.

The conversations began about starting our own studio. As a family, we decided that once our daughter, Liza, graduated high school, the discussion would be revisited.  What came about was something wonderful.  High standards in both art and science as well as an incredible work ethic that fused both business and play ensured that Piccoli Dance Theatre became a reality in the fall of 2016.

Our Faculty

This is more than just a place to work; this is more than just a place to dance.  PDT is a place of excellence, accelerated growth, and friendship.  Our faculty live this, and it shows in their dedication and our students’ continuous engagement and improvement.


As we’ve grown over the yeas, we’ve created some fun galleries for your viewing pleasure!

Experiences! A little something more!

First and foremost, PDT seeks to lead the dance community in professional instruction and curriculum.  From there, we seek to extend student engagement with:

  • A positive and encouraging environment where all students feel encouraged to grow
  • An incredible competitive company and YAGP team
  • Production Recitals families and students alike can’t wait to see and perform

In addition to the above, there are also many little things we really enjoy and we thought we’d share some of these ‘Extras’ with you!  From Miss Courtney’s ISTD graduation in London, to our Broadway talks and more!  Click Here to View.


What we do matters and it shows

I feel more bonded with my teammates. I like how everyone has their own little part in our dances. There are no favorites picked, we are one big family. If we need help, someone is always there for us.

Abigail, Piccoli Dance Theatre LLC

For me, PDT’s team has given me a way to challenge myself. I have found new challenges & techniques. But most of all, it has given me a second family that I wouldn’t trade for the world and has reestablished my love for dance.

Brittany, Piccoli Dance Theatre LLC

I really love all the teachers. I believe my technique has improved greatly since I have been here. The ballet teaching is excellent from Emily,  Courtney, and Brittany. The jazz teachers are a ton of fun and they make you work hard!

Jocelyn, PDT Student, Piccoli Dance Theatre LLC

PDT has it all! My daughter does the technique classes, competition team, and YAGP and loves it! Her technique and love for dance have exploded with the teaching she is getting at Courtney’s studio. We have found our dance family for sure here at PDT!

Traci, PDT Parent, Piccoli Dance Theatre LLC

Top local performances ’42nd Street,’ Pinewood Bowl-…director Courtney Piccoli put together a cast (and orchestra) for the dance-heavy musical that shined from top to bottom. Her production rivaled those of touring Broadway shows.

Lincoln Journal Start, Ground Zero, Piccoli Dance Theatre LLC

…As part of our artistic team, Courtney has allowed us to continually “raise the bar” for our productions. Her passion, ability to connect with students of all levels, and her artistic abilities keep our students ever improving. Our school has gained quite a reputation based on the work Courtney does as our choreographer. The students and the rest of the team love her.

Robert J Henrichs, LSW Theater Director, Piccoli Dance Theatre LLC

Courtney has taught me so much about dance over these past years but beyond that she has made me a better performer. She brings out the best in everyone. She can tell what every persons strengths are and she works her hardest to make sure everyone gets to see them in the end product. Courtney taught me more than dance, she taught me to put it all out there and just go for it because that’s what matter most.

Annaliese Saathoff, PDT Teacher, Piccoli Dance Theatre LLC

…In Courtney’s shows, every member of the cast understands and believes that the artistic success of the show depends on each one of them knowing and executing their lines, music, and choreography perfectly in every instance. Courtney demands this, sometimes with motherly love–sometimes with tough love. The upside of this emphasis on individual responsibility is that every member of the cast–however large or small his or her role may be–shares justifyably and fully in celebrating the artistic achievement of a great (and from the perspective of our Board) often dazzling musical theater production….

Neil E. Stenberg, Pinewood Bowl Board Member, Piccoli Dance Theatre LLC