Can I Visit Classes?

In class, viewing is a disruption to the class and will generally not be allowed. All studio rooms will have a viewing window. For extraordinary circumstances, such as a visitor with special needs or out of town family member, you may speak with the studio director to request special arrangement.

What About Dance For Boys?

Dance is for everyone! The PDT curriculum contains instruction excellence for both girls and boys. Futhermore, Piccoli Dance Theatre offers multiple boys and men only classes.

How Do I Meet With a Teacher?

During and between class time is not a good time to try and meet with teachers or discuss student/class issues. Please call the office to schedule an appointment with Miss Courtney to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Are There Extra Costs For Recital?

Yes. Recital costs are a combination of costume, hair-makeup, and recital tickets. This will be clearly outlined in students recital packets. Recital is not mandatory, but highly encouraged for all students to showcase their hard work and improvement!

What Is The Inclement Weather Policy?

While we reserve the right to cancel classes at any time, PDT will generally follow the LPS schedule of weather related closures. We will do our best to keep everyone informed through the website and social media.

At What Age Should My Child Start Dance?

PDT offers 'Dance with Me' classes for students aged 2 to 4 (including a parent or guardian). We also offer our preschool ballet and tap classes for children ages 3 to 4.

What If My Child Is Absent?

Please call the office if you child is going to be absent. While we do not refund missed classes, you may call the office to see if a suitable makeup class is available. Note: excessive absence may result in the removal from a recital piece.

Can I  Drop My Child Off Early?

No. Piccoli Dance Theatre is not liable for unattended students. Our doors open promptly at 4:00pm for students to get ready for 4:30pm classes.

What is the Dress Code and How Can I Get It?

Proper dress attire varies from class to class and can be found on our class description page by clicking here. Recommended dance apparel stores will be listed in your registration packets.

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