At PDT, we consider ballet to be the foundation of our technical training.  For most other styles, terminology, control, and movement stems from foundational ballet technique.  As a dance art, ballet is incredibly exacting and requires a tremendous amount of skilled teaching to develop the proper movements, blend of total body flexibility and strength, along with the vocabulary to understand they language of ballet.  PDT is proud to offer exam vetted Imperial Classic Ballet to Lincoln where parents can be assured their students are receiving world class standards based training in ballet.

So what is ICB?  ICB is a ballet curriculum developed in the very early twentieth century based on the teaching of the French school from the Paris Opera.  The syllabus has evolved to promote the English classical style while evolving to the needs to today’s modern dancer.  This curriculum requires exam vetted teachers for it’s instruction to provide a safe and consistent training experience.  Under the direction of Imperial Classical Ballet associate and ISTD member, Courtney Piccoli, teachers and students alike are educated in this wonderful style.  At PDT, we believe ICB offer an excellent program  for a commercial studio as it caters to both students who wish a great foundation in ballet as well as pre-professional students.

So what is ISTD?  The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing is one of the world’s leading dance examinations boards.  Founded in 1904, this London based organization both nurtures the love of dance while also ensuring the highest quality educational standards.  in 2020, PDT was honored to have an examiner come from Dublin Ireland in which 16 of our ICB students were examined from grade 1 through Advanced 1 ballet technique.  Students demonstrated in depth knowledge of vocabulary, barre work, floor work, set exercises, and variations.  Something not traditionally seen at commercial studio, all students worked with and examined with a live accompanist.  PDT is proud to say that all students passed and most with merit and/or high distinction.

Exams:  Examinations are optional but highly recommended for our ballet students.  This gives your child tangible goals to work at while also building a tremendous skills set in ballet.  Costs runs from $90 – $150 for the year for examination and include extra instructional videos, open studio time, and work with an accompanist not to mention performing in front of an international examiner.  Note that while a student progresses through their grade levels, then number of ballet hours per week will also increase.

Why should your child exam in ICB?

  • Parents can be confident in their child’s ballet progression.
  • Children gain confidence as they learn to demonstrate what they have learned.
  • Greater ballet opportunities are available for exam students (see above).
  • Working towards a goal increases work ethic and love of the art.

How do I sign up?

Easy.  Simply email the studio of your interest and we’ll take care of the rest.  Some students may be shy to the idea of examining, but please talk to the staff or student who have examined.  This is a great confidence builder and a wonderful tool in instilling the love of ballet in our students.  If you have any questions, please feel encouraged to email the studio at with any questions.