Fall/Spring 2023-2024 Registration Open!

Classes Start September 6th, 2023

Note:  Classes for the Fall/Spring 2023/2024 are now open.  Please review the important information on this page to understand our registration and pricing process.  Looking forward to an incredible year of learning!

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  • Existing Parent/Student:  Log into your studio director account (Click Here) and your pre-approved classes should be there.
  • New Parent/Student:  You can create a new account (Click Here) and register for our Twinkle Star classes (ages 2-6).  For all other classes, please email the studio for assessment.

Need Help? Easy, we’re just an email or phone call away and we’re happy to help!  Email info@dancepdt.com or call us at 402-937-0678.  Note that our curriculum is based on a combination of age and skill level per area of dance.  Get in touch if unsure which classes to take and we’ll quickly get you our recommendations!

Important:  PDT reserves the right to move students who may be in classes too advanced for them.  If in doubt, contact PDT and we’ll make sure you’re in the appropriate class level.

Class Pricing Made Simple

PDT is proud to offer immediate families (up to a family of 4), and multi-class discounts to our families.  Discounts are based on the number of class hours you take.  See the charts below to see our pricing.


  •  Tuition is automatically withdrawn monthly (the first week of each month) throughout the dance season (September – May).
  •  Standard classes run between 50 and 60 minutes.  ALL standard classes are billed as 1 class hour.


  • 1st Hour:  $60.00/mo $60.00/mo total.
  • 2nd Hour: $60.00/mo  $120.00/mo total.
  • 3rd Hour: $50.00/mo $170.00/mo total.
  • 4th Hour:  $45.00/mo $215/mo total.
  • 5th Hour:  $40.00/mo $255/mo total
  • 6+ Hour: $35.00/mo more for each class taken.

Recital Costumes:  Costumes will be a fixed cost with a costume withdrawal charged twice a month starting October 15th until costumes are paid in full.

  • Main Character Costume single costume price: $115.00 per costume
  • Class Grades 3 – 6:  $90.00 per costume
  • Pre-primary, Primary, Grades 1 & 2 single costume price:   $80.00 per costume
  • All other class single costume price: $90.00 per costume
  • Important:  It is assumed your child will be in the recital.  PDT must be notified in writing upon registration if your student will not participate in recital.  Otherwise, you will be charged for all costumes. There are no refunds for purchased costumes.

Example.  If your student(s) has 3 recital costumes, you would be charged for one costume on Oct 15th, November 1st, and November 15th.  Costume payments are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Fees, Caps, and Non-standard pricing

  • Season registration of $25.00 per student, max $35.00 per family is due as time of registration.
  • Families must give 15 day written notice when withdrawing from a class.  Classes are a season long commitment and drop fees of $25.00 per class will be charged at time of drop.
  • For Standard classes, PDT will cap a single students tuition at $275/mo and immediate family tuition at $350/mo.  This does not Competitive Company, ICB exams, or master classes.  If in doubt, please feel free to contact us.
  • ICB Exams are an incredible and unique opportunity for our students.  Please see the ICB section below for more information.

Private Instruction

  • Privates vary by staff and range from $40.00 – $65.00 per hour.  Please contact the studio for more information.

Age/Skill Categories:

  • Twinkle Babies:  Ages 2-3 will have a wonderful time in this 30 minute intro class.  If your child will be between the ages of 2-3 in September, 2023, this is the class for them.
  • Twinkle Stars:  Ages 4-5 will join a 45 minute ballet-tap classes that’s packed with both learning and fun. If your child will be 4 in September, 2023, or if they are 5 and this is their first dance class, this is the class for them.
  • Twinkle Gems:  Ages 5-6 will continue their dance journey in this 45 minute ballet-tap class while preparing for their transition into our Graded Level classes.  Students should be ages 5-6 in September of 2023.
  • Grade 1:  Ages 7 and up based on PDT recommendation and experience.
  • Grade 2:  Ages 8 and up based on PDT recommendation and experience.
  • Grade 3: Ages 9 and up based on PDT recommendation and experience.
  • Grade 4: Ages 10 and up based on PDT recommendation and experience.
  • Grade 5: Ages 11 and up based on PDT recommendation and experience.
  • Grade 6: Ages 12 and up based on PDT recommendation and experience.
  • Intermediate: Ages 14 and up based on PDT recommendation and experience.
  • Advanced: Ages 15 and up based on PDT recommendation and experience.
  • Intro Classes:  Ages 12+ for students with limited dance experience.


Ballet, Jazz, and Tap form the core of our technique based instruction.  While we offer many other styles of dance, some of those styles require additional education in ballet and jazz.  As such, there are certain dance classes that are only available if paired with a corresponding ballet or jazz class.

  • Lyrical:  If taking lyrical, you must also take a minimum of 1 ballet class.
  • Musical theatre, Acro, and Hip Hop Dance:  If taking these classes, you must also take a minimum of 1 jazz class.
  • Grade level curriculum:  PDT makes use of professional ballet, tap, and jazz curriculum.  As such, we seek to find the optimal classes for our students dance growth.  Some students may be used to ‘classes by age’.  At PDT, we are an institution of learning first.  As such, rather than age, we place students where they are best suited for growth in dance.

PDT believes that proper dance wear facilitates a more professional learning environment.  Please CLICK HERE to see the required dance attire for the 2023-2024 dance season.  As always, contact us if you have any questions.

Dancewares and Bobby’s are both aware of our dance requirements.

Our ICB Ballet program is a wonderful and unique opportunity for Lincoln’s ballet students.  All Ballet classes follow the Imperial Classical Ballet curriculum.  Students may opt to exam in each grade they take by qualified panelists ensuring that they are learning the proper technique and terminology.  While not required, this is a rewarding and worthwhile effort for serious ballet students.  Contact the studio to find out more!