Live your dream of dance!

Teen Intro Dance

Didn’t grow up in a dance studio but still have a passion for dance?  Then PDT is the home for you.  We’ve had and incredibly successful teen intro program!  In just one night a week, you can take hip hop, ballet, lyrical, and tap/jazz combo.  Get a solid grounding in all the major areas of dance from teachers who know how to accelerate the dance growth of teens to didn’t grow up in a dance studio.  At PDT, you’ll not only learn foundational dance, you’ll be presented with stunning choreography that lets you shine on stage!

PDT’s teen intro program is prefect for the musical theater student looking to expand their tool belt.  Any teen whose always wanted to try out dance and/or get back into it should come talk to us about this program.  Many of our students who commit themselves to working both intelligently and diligently can transition into our level IV and V programming.  Don’t let your fear of something new keep you from something you’ll love!

Teen Intro 2017