Real Musical Theater

Most dance studios version of musical theater (MT) is a dance routine choreographed to a Broadway number. PDT knows that musical theater combines a multitude of skill-sets that must flow seamlessly together for a spectacular performance. A short list of examples to illustrate this point are:

  • Using proper breathe and pitch control to sing and act while dancing.
  • Switching between dancer and character movement.
  • Picking up choreography quickly and retaining it.

Learn from the best

Miss Courtney has been involved as a director, choreographer, and front stage triple threat in over 100 regional and professional productions. In 2016, Courtney received the Mayor’s art award for outstanding achievement in the performing arts. She has worked front and back stage in nearly every theater in Lincoln from small staged productions, to large budget spectaculars! With Courtney and her PDT instructors, you’ll get invaluable training on all aspects of musical theater including what to expect in various types of auditions. If you are a dance student looking to transition into the MT world or an MT student looking to take their dance to the next level, then PDT has a home for you.

More than Just a Dance Style

Musical theater is so much more that a singular dance style. It has evolved to incorporate many styles such as ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more. Furthermore, within styles there are many, many genres within those particular styles as MT has evolved through the years. Learn from staff who understand and embrace this so that you’re best prepared for any MT role.


It’s easy.  Simply continue with your dance curriculum and add Musical Theater!  Note, our MT program is only available to PDT dancers.


Call us at 402-937-0678 or email us at  We’re happy to access current dance abilities and recommend the appropriate classes based on your goals.