Jazz – Contemporary Focus

Jazz along with Contemporary/Lyrical are extremely popular styles of dance with west coast, east coast, and international influences. If you’re ambitions gear towards high school and/or collegiate dance teams, competitive dance, or future commercial dance, then this focus program may be for you! These styles are a blend of high energy and athleticism, exacting technique, and expression. So which classes do we think are most appropriate for this focus?

  • Jazz and Lyrical/Contemporary: Of course these are the obvious choices.
  • Ballet: Ballet provides you your foundational technique and is highly recommended.
  • Tricks, Technique, and Stretch: Learn the proper technique for turns and leaps while building core and stabilizer strength as well as flexibility.
  • Acro: Current dance styles incorporate a fair amount of acrobatics. Learn foundational acro for dance such as aerials, front and back walkovers, handstand holds, and more.
  • Hip Hop: Jazz and Hip Hop are becoming more and more entwined, especially with dance teams these days. The isolation’s, electric movement, and expression from hip hop are also excellent for commercial dance.
Abby and Britt 2018