Fist Steps to a lifelong love of dance

Beginning Dance

Many studios pair their youngest, newest teachers with their studios youngest dancers.  At PDT, we believe that our youngest dancers beginning dance deserve the same level of expertise and attention as our most advanced dancers. Early childhood dance requires expert instruction. A child starting to explore dance must learn to learn musicality, creative movement, and attention.  This is no easy task as they are also learning and growing into their body coordination and mental focus.  Facilitating this growth requires expert instruction.  Let’s not forget that we also want to grow a love and appreciation for the dance arts.  PDT is proud to offer:

  • Dance with Me (ages 2-3):  Dance with me offers a safe environment where a child may be introduced to dance accompanied by a parent or guardian.  This offers the child a safe, familiar environment where the learning process may flourish.
  • Pre-Ballet & Tap (ages 3-4):  Piccoli Dance Theatre builds its core foundational dance around both ballet and tap.  Here, children will begin to build those foundations in a one hour course that combined 30 minutes of ballet with 30 minutes of tap.
  • Level I Ballet/Tap – Jazz/Hip Hop (ages 5-6):  Ballet and Tap are continued and extended in our level I combo class.  As our young students begin to grow in their strength, attention, and love of dance, we offer a second jazz/hip hop class.  The will round out your childs dance education so that they may start to find their future dance path.
  • Multi-Year Classes:  ‘Pre’ and Level I classes each cover 2 years of age.  This is not by accident.  The curriculum taught in these courses is critical to your child’s future success.  Furthermore, the in class leveling makes it possible to instruct a multi-year curriculum in the singular class.  It is perfectly normal for a child at PDT to continue a ‘Pre’ or level I course for 2 years.
  • Note:  Progressing a child too quickly in dance can have negative consequences on both their physical and mental well being.  Many times a child intellectually understands dance movement but they need time to grow both their bodies and their mind/body connection that translates the dance movement.  You can trust that PDT aligns both their short and long term success in dance.
Little Dancers